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While establishing this project in March 2013 we knew it won’t be an easy task. This was due to tribal and politically polarized churches, which had brought division in the body of Christ in Kenya. The source being tribal and politically aligned believers in the Church. Bearing this in mind we divinely connected with likeminded believers to add value to the unity in the body of Christ especially the young generation. Our members are always reminded to prioritize 100% in their church activities, hence our prayer and training meetings are held on Friday nights or on Sunday at 5pm agreeable by all members. Prayer has been our key strength.




Mission Outreach Department

  • Bridging the gap between light and darkness is our goal, we encourage partnership with churches and independent organizations to save mankind from sin which has been our key goal.
  • This is a costly affair but by the Grace of God it’s working. We do outreach planning, research on livelihood in communities, and improve lives by building a firm Christian foundation in communities.

Worship training / Empowerment department

  • We are a full Christian Music outfit with a vision to raise, train and produce vibrant and formidable music ministries in the church; as the choir, praise & worship team, Christian bands and individuals who are gifted in singing. This is achieved through seminars and vocal training making them professional music Artistes/ Ministers.
  • We have a special worship training program to upgrade and update the technical standard of churches Music. This has helped us to underway the challenges affecting retardation of church growth I worship.
  • We have initiated an affordable package for churches to realize this dream. We raise and mentor tutors who carry out these responsibilities committedly.


The ministries and individuals that we have worked with before are as follows and the list is still growing. One of our achievements is the winning of over 177 souls to the kingdom and sharing ideas to improve the Worship ministry in Church which has been fruitful.
  • The Foursquare Mission- (Crusades, Revival, Conferences, community work etc)
  • Foursquare Foundation- Financial support 2013-2014
  • Faith Chapel  (Crusade, Community work, door  to  door evangelism)
  • Multiply Christian network conference – Aug 2015
  • The Rock  church- Adams (Worship experience)
  • Priesthood of Christ Ministries: Worship Experience, Crusades.